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Transform Your Workplace with MenopauseX

Welcome to MenopauseX where we bring a data-driven approach to managing menopause impacts in the workplace

How We Help

Expert Guidance 

Navigate this important aspect of workplace wellbeing with our support and recommendations

Data-driven Recommendations

Understand the impact of menopause on your business and improve your employee satisfaction through data and analytics

Education and Benchmarking

Support your employees at all levels of your business and contribute to a better understanding of menopause impacts

Writing on Sticky Notes

For Employers 

Maximizing Workplace Wellness.

Use our corporate calculator to see potential savings and benefits from utilizing our menopause services. Understand the real impact on productivity and morale.

Measuring the Benefits
Menopause and Your Business

Working at home

For Individuals

Discover Your Unique Menopause Journey

Delve into your personal menopause journey with our detailed questionnaire, tailored to understand how different factors like age and ethnicity impact your experience.

Take Action Today

Join the Change

Make a data-driven change to your workplace that leads to visible benefits

MenopauseX will help you understand the business impacts of menopause by analysing your own data, creating more inclusive and supportive policies, and educating your senior leadership on the benefits to your bottom line. Let us help you improve your bottom line and employee metrics

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