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Understanding Your Menopause Journey

Personalised Insights Based on Age and Ethnicity

Menopause is a unique journey for everyone, influenced by factors like age and ethnicity. That's why we've developed tailored insights, specific to your life stage and cultural background.

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Why Age and Ethnicity Matter:

Age-Specific Changes:

Menopause doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all timeline. From perimenopause to post-menopause, each stage comes with its own set of changes and challenges. Our questionnaire is designed to pinpoint where you are in your menopause journey and provide relevant information.


Ethnicity and Symptoms:

Research shows that menopausal symptoms can vary widely across different ethnicities. By understanding your background, we can provide more accurate and meaningful insights into the symptoms you're likely to experience and how to manage them effectively.

MenopauseX promises to look after your personal information carefully and respectfully.  We will only be using it to create and share insights that will help us to improve the lives and well-being of those impacted by menopause across all communities. We will never share it with anyone else. You can find our Privacy Policy here

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