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Data analytics to improve wellbeing

An initiative between prominent leaders in data and technology, MenopauseX seeks to materially improve the wellbeing of individuals of all identities and intersectionalities, and their loved ones, by providing data insights and recommendations.

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We Help Transform Your Workplace with MenopauseX

Addressing Menopause for Business Excellence

Where we bring a data-driven approach to understanding menopause in the corporate world.

Real Life Stories



“I think their view is my symptoms are not as severe as I am reporting. My manager’s best friend was apparently back to normal as soon as she started on HRT. I am genuinely happy for this woman, but my experience isn’t the same.”

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The truth about how peri/menopause is impacting your business

Up to 40% of your workforce are experiencing symptoms caused by peri/menopause and we know that the symptoms will be severe for 25% of this segment.  It's impacting their productivity, their confidence, and their ability to bring their best self to work which will be impacting your bottom line.

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