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Meet The Team

An introduction to the group leading the charge

on menopause business insights and recommendations,

helping workplaces improve the wellbeing of their employees

Kat_Nov 20.jpg
Kat Holmes

Kat has been transforming organisations through data and technology leadership for the past 19 years – most recently as a data director specialising in strategy and governance.

In the past few years she has integrated her lifelong commitment to ESG into her data career through her public talks on diversity, inclusion and belonging in data teams. In 2021, Kat founded MenopauseX in response to the huge impacts of (peri)menopause on the careers and wellbeing of senior data leaders.  Since then its brief has significantly widened to fill a clear gap in menopause care and education space: data-driven solutions.

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Roisin McCarthy

Roisin runs the recruitment firm, Datatech Analytics, and is also the founder of the ground-breaking data network and  community, Women in Data.

She has facilitated some of the most influential and successful careers in this sector - and is considered a thought-leader and authority on career progression, team development and talent acquisition. Her network of contacts, commitment to the data community and passion for building strong teams is what makes Roisin so unique.

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